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Ingarden - Hydroponic Smart Garden

Ingarden - Hydroponic Smart Garden

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Grow your own superfoods with ingarden, the #1 alternative to supplements. This smart indoor garden is easy to use and allows you to harvest fresh, nutrient-rich microgreens weekly. Choose your color, plan, and superfoods to build your own ingarden and elevate your meals with fresh flavor and nutrients. With ingarden, you can become a plant parent with zero effort and boost your overall health. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to bring greenery indoors that’s also edible. Get your ingarden today!

There are several reasons why one should grow microgreens at home. Microgreens are the most nutritionally-dense form of vegetables and contain up to 40 times the nutrients of mature vegetables. They also have an intense and unique flavor that can elevate any meal. Microgreens are plentiful and convenient, taking only about a week to grow at home. With ingarden’s self-watering hydroponic growing system, growing microgreens at home is hassle-free without compromising style. Microgreens are versatile and can be used in juices, smoothies, salads, or sandwiches.

It's a sustainable way to improve your health and nutrition! Look no further than ingarden! These tiny superfoods are packed with nutrients and require 158-236 times less water than their mature vegetable counterparts grown on fields. Plus, with every ingarden sold, a nutritious meal is shared with a child in need through the United Nations World Food Programme. Start growing your own microgreens today and join us in our mission to make healthier and more sustainable choices one microgreen at a time.



Harvest the healthiest microgreens every 5-7 days from home. ✓ self-sustaining ✓ no soil, no mess ✓ 100% hygienic without compromising style


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